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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Oxford, England

Greetings from the UK. Just a brief update on the run of shows so far. Oxford, Brighton, Cambridge, and Southend are now under our belts. Shows have all been sold-out and great so far.

Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England

The amount of history and ancient architecture is always so captivating and intriguing to me, no matter how many times I see it. I walk down streets and stand in awe at what I'm looking at.

A bit of Oxford University.

King George IV's summer home, Royal Pavilion Estate, Brighton, England.

The Brighton Dome which was originally King George's horse stables on the estate, later converted to house the performance venue the Brighton Dome, as well as a museum.

This tour we are traveling on a tour bus which takes us to the next city and drops us at our hotel.

Tour busses in Europe are double deckers.

The view out my hotel window in Oxford, England.

We're traveling with a five-man english crew as well, who are all great to work with. Art's son, Jr. is along on this tour as well. He and I do 2 songs together and he duets with his father on two Everly Brother tunes. The two of them, along with an assistant travel separately town to town.

Following are some more random pictures I've taken.

Inside the Brighton Dome.

Inside the Brighton Dome, which reminds me a bit of a mini Royal Albert Hall. Wilfred, part of our road team is in front. Remember, this was once the king's horse stables.

Backstage at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. In pretty good company, I would say.

The i360 on the beach in Brighton, which gives you a nice view of the city once it's all the way to the top.

The beach in Brighton just across from our hotel.

Please check out my calendar page for the remaining dates of this tour and beyond! I'll post again towards the end of this run!


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