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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Hello friends. My first post of 2020! Let me recap the end of 2019 for you.

In October we prepared for a show in New York City, featuring Art's family. We rehearsed for 9 days prior to the appearance which was to be at Carnegie Hall in Weiss Hall. Check out the awesome flyer/poster that was made for the show.

We worked with a couple of Broadway producers to prepare the show; each family member working on 3 or 4 songs. It was interesting to watch it come together. Paul Beard, Art's piano player really rose to the occasion learning a handful of Broadway tunes that Art's wife, Kim sang.

Paul and me rehearsing for the family show in Upper Eastside.

We spent most of our days rehearsing, but we also had some down time as well. And if you're going to have some downtime, there really is no better place to be than New York City.

The views here are pretty spectacular. Art's nephew, Michael Garfunkel and me getting some fresh air overlooking Central Park.

Art's sound man and tour manager, Colin Walker and I broke away for an evening and went to see an old friend of mine who is Graham Nash's tour manager, Crook Stewart.

Crook Stewart is the fellow with the mustache to my right. I was able to meet and talk to Graham Nash for a bit...I've been a long time fan of his! His guitarist, Shane Fontayne is the other white haired guy to my far left and to my very far right is his keyboardist, Todd Caldwell. Colin is on my left. Crook Stewart was Art's road manager a few years back. He's also tour managed Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Joan Baez and the Rolling Stones. He's a well traveled, busy guy!!

The beginning of November we toured Germany for 2 weeks.

We were based in Dresden for a number of days. Our hotel was on the main plaza in the middle of old town. Just outside our hotel was the Frauenkirche Lutheran Church, which was completely destroyed in WWII. The dark bricks you see were the only pieces that were salvaged and meticulously put back in their original location. Amazing! Look at the photo below to see what they had to work with and also notice the statue of Martin Luther that remained untouched in both photos.

The plaza in Dresden outside our hotel entrance. Colin is staring himself down in this panoramic photo.

In the fall, Colin and his lovely wife, Rachael came to Nashville for a visit.

Here we are at 3rd and Lindsley waiting for the Time Jumpers to take the stage. The band consists of Vince Gill, as well as all the top session players in Nashville. Always a great time!

Back in our hometown of Franklin, Tennessee.

For my lovely wife, Annie's birthday, 3 of her sons and my daughter, Jessica took the ghost tour of downtown Franklin. Several of the homes in town are said to be haunted and a scary time was had by all.

Yes, I'm one of those nerds that likes to take photos of the passing landscape as I fly.

As much as I fly, I still love looking out the window at the world below. This is an early morning shot as we fly into Las Vegas on our way to Santa, Fe

Good morning, Rockies!

We celebrated New Years Eve in Santa Fe with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Steve Gray and his lovely wife, Carol.

They moved a few years ago to a beautiful home in the desert just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This is a cool old picture of the early Beatles just before they were discovered by manager Brian Epstein, who cleaned up their image just a bit, I would say.

And finally....

Thanks for checking in!

If you feel like sharing or leaving a comment, please do.


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1 Comment

Sue Daniels Jewell
Sue Daniels Jewell
Apr 09, 2020

Great pictures, Tab; you know how much I like traveling with you! I've been thinking of you, Randy Casey, Eliza Blue, John Elliott, and my other music-infused friends as we find our way through a dark time of uncertainty and loss. Keep making the world a better place with you music! Love, Sue ♥️

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